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One of Latin America’s most photogenic cities..

Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, Cartagena is a historic jewel of Colombia’s Caribbean coast. An hour’s boat ride will get you to the Rosario Islands. The local beaches in Cartagena are somewhat grimy and tourists often opt for a daytime excursion. Lay out on a sunbed overlooking the sea and snooze to the sound of the waves softly crashing on the beach. For a more active afternoon, try scuba diving and snorkeling offshore. Spend the rest of the day nibbling on fresh seafood and fruit.

Cartagena continues to be one of the safest cities in Colombia. The Caribbean coastal city of Cartagena in Colombia has a vibrant street scene – an addictive place that can be hard to escape. Tourists can enjoy walking around the old city admiring the colorful buildings and buying juice or fruit from the many street vendors. Enjoy one of the continent’s greatest cultural treasures.

If you have ever visited Cartagena, comment below. For another ultimate destination you MUST visit, check out Panama.

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Do you know what makes Spain the perfect travel destination?

Spain is filled with beaches, colors, history and adventure. The untamed, sun-drenched country has a zest that makes it truly unique. Check out what Spain has to offer for your next vacation abroad!

Barcelona’s mind-bending architecture is suitable to architects and non-architects. The “Church of the Holy Family” or “Antonio Gaudi” is a large Roman Catholic Church representing the architecture of Spain.

Spend a day in the fabulous scenery of the Picos de Europa mountains – one of the most famous walks in the country.

Taste your way around La Rioja’s vineyards and dense forests. These celebrated wines are the fruit of Spain’s soul.

Experience the peak of Moorish culture in Andalucía, which evokes the most powerful images of the countries raw passion – bullfighting.

Eat your fill of Basque cuisine, one of the best international cooking known for its simplicity.

Hike the beautiful valley between Moorish Villages in the Alpujarra de Granada. The unique city and breath taking sunrises and sunsets make for a fascinating place to explore.

Walking the mountain trails from Pampaneira to Bubión is a trek unchanged since the days before the Reconquista.

Have you ever been to Spain? If so, comment below and tell us about your experiences.

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Calling All Adventurists!

Kimberley, Australia is an off-the-beaten-path, rugged destination for the thrill seekers. Located in northwestern Australia, this destination won’t disappoint. This territory is untouched with miles upon miles of virgin coastline and caves. Although this is a truly amazing place, watch out as danger lies ahead. Australia is made of some of the biggest deserts and wastelands in the world including many dangerous animals. Bear Grills from the TV show ‘Man vs. Wild’ took adventure in Kimberley, Australia so do your research before venturing too far off-the-beaten-path.

Check out Mitchell Falls as there is much to discover in these beautiful waterfalls lying in untouched nature.

There are some of the most unique animals in the world throughout Kimberly, from dingos, kangaroos, colorful birds and more.

For the ultimate outback adventure, check out Bungle Bungle range in Purnululu National Park. Hiking in this rugged terrain through gorges millions of years old will test your limits. The hidden world of massive sandstone structures can be best seen from up high.

The natural wonders of Kimberley await, so what are you waiting for? After Kimberley, take a trip to Uluru for the ultimate down under vacation in Australia.

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Take off to Ireland your next vacation!

Have you ever seen waterfalls inside a cave? Aillwee Cave is one of the many thousands of ancient caves beneath the karst-landscape of the Burren in northwest Country Clare, Ireland. The Aillwee Cave is one of the many caves beneath the Burren. It was formed by glacial melt waters that seeped through the cracks in the limestone pavement during an early ice-age. The complex consists of over a kilometer of passages leading into the heart of the mountain. Its features include an underground river and a waterfall as well as some large stalactites and stalagmites.

The cave is only forty minutes from both Galway and Shannon. This magical place is a must for all who find themselves in the area. Seek an unusual mineral specimen, crystal or fossil. Visitors can interact with hawks along the way. Great up close and personal with these beautiful creatures.

If you have ever been here, please comment below with your experiences.

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Romantic honeymoon destinations

Are you getting married and in a bind narrowing down some of the many charming honeymoon destinations? CNN has listed these ‘24 romantic honeymoon destinations‘ this August.

Do you plan to Tie the Knot in Paradise prior to the honeymoon? Have you had a destination wedding? If so, comment below.

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Take a trip to a National Park

The current economy doesn’t leave much disposable income for lavish vacations. There are nearly 400 national parks to preserve, protect and learn the history of. National parks are an inexpensive way to travel both within the area and across the United States — offering many things to do and learn about. There are healthy things to do such as walking, hiking, biking, swimming, camping, fishing and much more. National parks allow visitors to learn about their history making the trip educational. Take a trip to a national park this year!

Grand Canyon National Park

Embark to northwestern Arizona to see vivid red, orange and brown canyons. Take a mule ride into the canyons for a truly memorable experience. Visitors can hike, camp or just soak up the sun around beautiful waterfalls where rushing water spills from red cliffs into brilliant aquamarine pools.

Everglades National Park

If you dare canoe through the gator infested waters of the Florida Everglades it will be a once in a lifetime vacation. The one-of-a-kind scenery offers wildlife such as crocodiles, manatees, birds and endangered species.

Yosemite National Park

Located in central California, the third most visited park in the United States.Visit Yosemite Falls, the tallest waterfall in North America or check out the famous sunset at Glacier Point.

Yellowstone National Park

Upper Geyser Basin is the best place in Yellowstone to see geysers erupt. It is home to Old Faithful, the best-known Yellowstone geyser. Check out the mud pots at Fountain Paint Pots, which are pools of hot bubbling mud that are cool to watch for any age.

Olympic National Park

The Olympic Beaches are a well-kept secret in Washington State. Rialto and Second Beach are considered heaven on Earth. The beaches are beautiful surrounded by lush forest. Low tide season offers views of starfish, anemones, you name it.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

This is one of the oldest, most scenic and longest tourist excursion railways in the country — so all aboard Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad on your next vacation.

These are just a few amazing national park’s to visit. There are many others around the area you live awaiting your next trip. If you want to save some money and learn a little piece of history, check out a national park. Have you visited a national park? If so, comment below. If you need more vacation idea’s check out, Is it time for a relaxing summer vacation?

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Jump on the Amtrak!

Amtrak has launched the “Ask Our Expert” program utilizing YouTube to answer passengers questions submitted through social media outlets. The YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter allows passengers to submit questions and get answers directly from Amtrak. Passengers are able to share their experiences, get information and travel tips. “The YouTube channel provides us another way to visually communicate and engage with our customers and reach new audiences,” said Darlene Abubakar, director of national advertising at Amtrak. These social media outlets connect Amtrak to customers and offer promotions and contests through visual communication. Customers want answers at their fingertips with reviews from passengers who have used Amtrak. Amtrak is acknowledging their customers feedback–giving support and loyalty to passengers. Check it out!

Have you used Amtrak or their social media outlets?

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Memorial Day travel is not put on hold this year

This Memorial Day gas prices don’t stop travelers from missing out on their plans. 31 million Americans still drove to their destinations this weekend despite the high gas prices. Gas prices have increased nearly 41% this year, but don’t let this ruin your get-away! Tips to save on gas this year:

#1 Get a gas app or website address

Andriod and iPhone users can download gas apps to find the least expensive gas prices based on the zip code entered. For those of you that don’t have an Android or iPhone, there are websites such as to assist you in finding the best price.

#2 Slow it down

Drive the speed limit to avoid having to fill up as often. Driving the speed limit without fast breaking or acceleration saves the amount of fuel used. Staying out of traffic and using your cruise control saves on fuel to keep extra cash in the wallet this year.

#3 Keep up on the tune-ups

Make sure the proper oil is used on your vehicle. Using the manufacture’s recommended grade of motor oil, energy conserving or resource conserving improves fuel economy. Checking the tire pressure can also improve gas mileage. Extra weight in your vehicle can weigh it down causing more fuel to be used, so a clean vehicle without extra pounds saves you money.

#4 Watch for deals

If you book a hotel, make sure to check if the hotel offers a shuttle service to and from the hotel. Some hotels offer reward points that can discount airline tickets and car rentals on your next trip. Using an airline credit card earns points that sometimes offer hotel, car and flight discounts.

As long as you keep ahead of the economy increases in fuel, be smart and plan ahead you will save money and still enjoy the highly anticipated vacations you have planned. If you need summer vacation plan ideas, check out North Carolina. What does ABC News have to say?

If your summer vacation plans have been put on hold due to gas prices, comment below.

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Is it time for a relaxing summer vacation?

Roll down your windows and smell the salty air! Your here, and your vacation has finally begun in North Carolina. From Cape Hatteras Outer Banks to Ocracoke Island to the Wright Brothers National Monument at Kitty Hawk. North Carolina offers many relaxing options for your next vacation, so pack your swimming suit and sandals for a trip of a lifetime.


The Outer Banks is home to some of the largest remaining sector of undeveloped seashore in the United States. Cape Hatteras National Seashore is where you will find the tallest lighthouse in North America, one of five lighthouses on the Outer Banks. Visit all of the lighthouse for a piece of history and beautiful views when you reach the top.

Outer Banks

Stay along the ocean where the dolphins make regular appearances, and the sunrise will take your breath away (don’t forget your camera). Have dinner on the beach with local seafood, fried meals, steamed shrimp, crabs, lobsters and snow crab legs. Go shopping during the day at some of the many shops in the area or visit the sand dunes like none you’ve seen before. Go on a drive along the long impressive bridge from the Outer Banks to the Mainland.

Wright Brothers National Memorial

Wind, sand and a dream of flight brought Wilbur and Orville Wright to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. They achieved the first successful airplane flights in 1903, after four years of experimentation. This memorial takes you inside the minds of the brothers and the experiences they went through to achieve their success.

Ocracoke Island

Take a free ferry ride from Hatteras to Ocracoke Island for a unique experience to this magical place where you don’t see people for miles. The continuous land of untouched beaches is spectacular and relaxing. It beholds the most beautiful beaches on the Outer Banks and is great for shell hunting. The beaches of Ocracoke Island have been named #10 on the 1999 list of top beaches. After hanging out on the beach all day, visit the small town of quant shops and food. Make sure to research the history of the islands known for the legend of pirates.

Don’t forget your tennis shoes as you will walk miles and miles from beaches, lighthouse climbs, shopping, sand dunes and taking many adventures of what North Carolina has to offer. With a small town harbor feel filled with a fisherman’s lifestyle, check out this amazing place for your next vacation.

If you have ever been to this area, please comment below with your experiences.

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Tie the Knot in Paradise

Your engaged, and now it’s time to plan the exciting event you’ve dreamt about since you were a little girl — your wedding! Do you have any idea where to start or what kind of wedding you want? What about a wedding on a gorgeous beach, turquoise waters, tropical flowers, sand between your toes with family and friends. There are many places to choose from, so to get you started with ideas check out some of these paradise beach wedding destinations.

Cayman Islands

Close to home, the Cayman Islands are only an hour away from Miami. Offering world-class diving, private charter boats and scenic views this destination would please any bride and groom.


Anguilla is known for having 33 of the best beaches in the Caribbean– some say the world! The most reason season of ‘The Bachelor’, Brad Womack took the ladies to Anguilla for a once in a lifetime experience.

St Lucia

St Lucia is a unique and breathtaking place for a magical wedding. The climates are wonderful, beautiful rich blue waters, friendly islanders make it one of a kind. If you have imagined saying ‘I do’ in front of a waterfall, St Lucia is the place for you. Diamond Waterfall is located in a botanical garden surrounded by nature, beautiful flowers and scenery. Diamond Waterfall includes the only drive-in volcano with bubbling holes of sulfuric waters.

St Thomas

Adventurous brides and grooms can get married 130 feet below seal level in a submarine in St Thomas. Have a pina’ colada wedding cake to set the tropical wedding mood and enjoy the views of St Thomas on your big day.


A piece of paradise, located in the South Pacific lies Fiji. A romantic place filled with electrifying views that will lure you in. Air Pacific offers a free stop over in Fiji when traveling to Australia, so make that stop over your wedding. After the wedding, continue onto Australia and explore Oprah’s down under adventures.


Hiking excursions to the top of volcanic peaks, water that look like a swimming pool and lush landscapes are just a few things Tahiti has to offer. If you’re looking for the ultimate tropical wedding, look no further.

Cancun/Mayan Riviera

Cancun and the Mayan Riviera are just miles away from one another with beautiful beaches and friendly people to accommodate any wedding. This wedding haven is one of the most popular as it is inexpensive compared to others, but provides the same amenities. It offers wedding discounts and all-inclusive options including flights, hotel, meals and drinks. If your on a budget or have a large group this may be the most affordable option for you and your guests.


Known for the beautiful Orchid flowers, Barbados. Have your wedding in the center of thousands of orchids where your family and friends will see the breathtaking views of the Barbados countryside.


Hawaii is the ultimate luxurious wedding destination to make your special time — perfect. For a secluded, off the beaten path experience including incredible views and unlimited options. The islands of Hawaii are rich with beauty and serenity giving you an over the top wedding.

Cook Islands

Another budget friendly wedding destination without deducting the amenities offered. Gorgeous crystal waters and white sandy beaches for a more inexpensive option to Fiji, Tahiti or the surrounding South Pacific destinations. Make your special day unforgettable in the Cook Islands.


Located in Micronesia, make Palau the place you tie the knot. Far from home, but not as expensive as you may think. Palau offers natural beauty, white sandy beaches and breath-taking views. Nestled North of Australia, make a stop over in Sydney on your way home exploring Oprah’s down under adventures as husband and wife.

Panama and the Phi Phi Islands of Thailand are two more wedding destinations to consider for your wedding. Have you been to any of these amazing places or do they spark your interest for your dream wedding or honeymoon? If so, comment below.

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