Posted by: brittanyborseth | September 16, 2010

Students, check this out!

Have you ever considered studying abroad as an undergraduate or graduate? What an amazing opportunity to travel to a different country, live in a new place and experience a completely different culture. There are many different cool places that you have the option to study in, but how about South Africa? South Africa is exotic and mysterious to many. South Africa is located right where you would imagine it to be, at the very bottom point of Africa. In the United States there are zoo’s with different kinds of exotic animals but Africa’s zoo’s are a different experience. Going on a safari or visiting a game reserve is similar to a zoo minus the cages and tourist scene. You get to ride in a vehicle watching exotic animals in their natural habitats (how cool is that?).

Beautiful Beaches

Throughout South Africa there are many beautiful beaches with endless options for things to do. Jeffreys Bay is known for its ‘perfect waves’ for surfers. If your more of the dangerous type, try visiting Gaansbaai Beach. South Africa is the second most dangerous place in the world for shark attacks and encounters. On Gaansabaai Beach, great whites are seen daily. You can even go cage diving for an up close experience. For biology, environmental science and geography majors check out Maputaland, which is a biodiversity hotspot. There are far-reaching wetlands, unique coastal forest ecology and several preservation’s. For a whole new adventure — visit Grotta Beach or Plettenberg Bay as whales are clearly visible just off the coast.

Wine Country

If you like wine, then you’ll be in the right place. South Africa has many beautiful wine farms, and good news for you students — the drinking age is 18 years old.

Endless Options

Throughout the country there are many things to explore such as: hiking, biking, jogging along the beach, swimming or just hanging out at the beach. The weather is very nice all year round as summer is hot and humid, while winter is warm during the day and cool at night. Students can study abroad during the summer, fall, or spring as an intern, volunteer, undergrad or grad student. Where else can you take a hot air balloon for the day overlooking the alluring country of South Africa?

If you don’t mind traveling a little ways one of the most beautiful sites in the world is not far away. Travel about 10 hours from Cape Town to Victoria Falls located in between Zambia and Zimbabwe. One of my friend’s from college, Cardy, was born and grew up in Zimbabwe and says “Victoria Falls in one of the most incredible places in the world”. It is considered to be one of the ‘Seven Natural Wonders of the World’. Many waterfalls combine to create the world’s largest sheet of falling water.

Shopping and Fashion

South Africa is a paradise for girls and guys that love to shop. There are endless shopping centers from flea markets to high-end fashion. Many of these shopping centers are waterfront with pubs and restaurants along the way to enjoy the entire day and continue into the night. I can’t think of a better place to be to enjoy your college experience, or even a semester of college, than South Africa!

South Africa student says: “This program was an incredible experience! I would recommend it to any student for a more broad challenge. My goal was to leave understanding and live like a South African — that goal was my motivation to truly get to know South African people and culture. My total immersion and removal of myself from Americans is what made the trip! I wouldn’t change anything or trade a single day.” –Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (Port Elizabeth, South Africa)

Are there any students or graduates out there who have studied abroad? Please comment and tell us about your own personal experiences.


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