Posted by: brittanyborseth | October 5, 2010

Excellent job Cebu Pacific

I came across this YouTube video today — posted September 30, 2010 by a passenger on Cebu Pacific’s flight.

New trends in marketing

I thought this video presented an remarkable marketing piece for the company. There were over 7 million views of this video in just a few days of it posting (isn’t it incredible what the internet can do!). This video is similar to the Southwest Airlines rapper flight attendant I posted in September. The video presents the airline as positive, fun and willing to try something new. The flight attendants do not dress or dance in a sexual way that this would be inappropriate for uncomfortable for passengers. It simply shows there are ways to make repetitious things fun and easier to stay focused. Many frequent flyer passengers hear the boring (but important) safety speech for traveling every week. This is a much more creative and effective way to catch the attention of passengers. I don’t know about you, but every time I fly I don’t pay attention to half of the things the flight attendants say — but this way of presenting the information enabled me to focus and remember almost everything said. It also allows the flight attendants and crew to have fun, and do something different from their everyday routine.

The Cebu Pacific representative makes it very clear to CNN, in an interview, that the airline would never jeopardize the passengers safety and that the dance was done after the standard safety advisories. According to the representative, a poll was taken that resulted in 70-80% of people thought the airline should continue this in the future. The comments were all very positive and the airline is discussing whether they will continue or provide the dance on select flights only.

What others are saying

kkkameji says “I must say, this demo is in a way much effective since most people like it or not will pay attention. Honestly, how many people actually watch the standard safety demo?”

eatingcookies says “Awesome. I am sure it got people to pay attention, which was the point. And what’s wrong with a little fun?”

J88Wolf says “This might lighten the mood of all the people who had to go through airport security and wait an hour and a half before take off.”

d181cw1 says “This was cute and creative, two thumbs up for the airline. Plus people paid attention”

Post your comments about what you thought of this approach from Cebu Pacific.


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