Posted by: brittanyborseth | October 23, 2010

What will you be for Halloween?

No ideas for a last-minute Halloween costume? What about Steven Slater this year — the JetBlue flight attendant recently popular in the news for his meltdown. Steven Slater had an argument with a passenger who’s luggage struck Slater in the head, while removing it from an overhead bin. Slater then got on the public-address system, cussed at the passenger, grabbed two beers and used an emergency exit slide to get off the JetBlue plane — ending in a shocking exit.

The costume — a blue shirt, tie and bandage for the head injury reported from the customers luggage that struck Slater in the head. The incident took place less than 3 months ago, so not everyone out on Halloween will have this costume. Make your own costume or purchase on for $39.99. Make a memorable day this year like Slater did on JetBlue flight 1052 (and don’t forget to carry around a few beers).

The “Angry Steward”

Social Media Support

George Hobica, founder of says “I’ve never seen such an outpouring of support for a flight attendant.”

Becky Larson on Facebook says “Slater is my new hero.”

The passenger says everybody fantasizes about “telling your boss to take this job and shove it.” But he’s not sure Slater thought it through all that well.

What do you think about the incident?


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