Posted by: brittanyborseth | November 2, 2010

Need a Personal Travel Assistant?

Yapta has gained coverage throughout the news for the unique website launched in 2007. Your amazing personal travel assistant’ is what the name stands for and that’s exactly what they do — assist you with your travel plans. The travel website and browser add-on allows you to track flight prices as they change, then alert you when the price drops. The site also helps you in getting a refund or credit from airlines when the fares go down (you may be familiar with guaranteed low-price policies some sites offer).

Yapta Tagger

The website also has what’s called a ‘Yapta Tagger’, which is a free downloadable program that allows users to tag and track prices for flights. Users are notified by email when the price drops or reaches a set user price. They don’t stop there — this feature continues after purchasing the ticket, so users are able to take advantage of guaranteed low-price policies. If the price goes down after purchases, users are able to claim refunds or credits from airlines for the difference. This works for major airlines and for websites like Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity.

Yapta Blog

Yapta has a special site for their blog;, which is very creative and refreshing. This is one of the best travel industry blogs I have come across! It has great tips and a unique approach. Their most recent blog currently gives tips and inside information for holiday travel. According to the blog, “it’s estimated that 24 million travelers will fly during the 12-day period surrounding Thanksgiving, with daily passenger volume up 3.5 percent over last year”. The site also states “prices are already trending 18% higher this year compared to last year at this time”. This is the type of information people are looking for to compare with last year in this current economy, so they are able to plan accordingly for their holiday plans. In each blog entry, there is a section called “Here’s some more travel news you can use”. There is typically three pieces of useful information related to recent news and deals in the travel industry that may otherwise be very difficult to find online.

Yapta does the work for you

Sometimes airlines and websites charge a change fee to honor the lower price found after booking. If the fare has decreased $100.00 and the change fee is also $100.00, then this policy doesn’t help the user besides wasting their time. To save time for the user, Yapta pays attention to change fees and situations like this. Other services the website offers are tracking flight prices before purchase — as prices fluctuate often. Yapta’s price drop alerts help the user know when to book flights to get the best value. The website not only assists with flight plans, but also hotel arrangements and availability. Yapta finds hotels that match the users preferences and then tracks them. Yapta’s price drop alerts help the user know when to book hotels to get the best value.

What am I trying to tell you

Yapta is a website with a great new concept for people looking to save money that enjoy traveling for business or pleasure. The main three features the website offers to its users is to track flight prices before you buy, track airline refunds, credits and vouchers after you buy and lastly to track hotel rates and availability. It’s free to sign up and become a user of the site, so why not give it a try? If you don’t have a use for at this time, I still highly recommend checking out their blog, For more information on Yapta, check out this YouTube video with news coverage from the Today Show — and check out the website,

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