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Ultimate Destinations You MUST Visit

When you imagine a vacation somewhere warm with a beautiful beach to relax for a few days — does Mexico first come to mind? Many Americans travel to Mexico for a get-away, but don’t think to explore other parts of the world. There are two destinations you may have never researched or thought of before, but I’m going to give you more information to try something new on your next vacation. Both can be just as inexpensive as Mexico, but offer much morel. These destinations have unique features with the beautiful beaches to make anyone wanna start packing.

#1 destination: Located in Central America lies Panama — which may be your next vacation haven. Why Panama you ask?

Not far from home

Panama is one of the world’s most visitor-friendly countries, top vacation and retirement spots for many reasons. Panama uses US dollars as its currency, so there are no exchange rates or hassles prior to travel and after coming home. The road rules in Panama mimic those of Americans, so you don’t have to pray for your life getting to the hotel in a cab. Out of the United States there are many direct flight options that only take a couple of hours to arrive into PTY airport (Panama). There hasn’t been a single hurricane in Panama as it remains the only Central American nation to avoid being struck. Avoiding natural disasters make any trip more enjoyable and safe.BEACHES

There are miles of unspoiled beaches throughout Panama, such as Coronado. Ecological tours are offered to explore the rainforest — located only 15 minutes from the city. Catch the ocean to ocean trans-Ithsmus train ride along the way to enjoy the views of the Panama Canal and lush rainforest. The Panama Canal rainforests are some of the most accessible nature-rich rainforests in the world, including an incredible 105 species of mammals, 525 species of birds and 124 species of reptiles and amphibians. There are endless precious wildlife to see throughout 50,000 acres of rainforest. For a high-speed adrenaline ride, discover Panama’s rainforest from up above in a zipline canopy tour. Take a 15 minute plane ride from the city to picturesque aqua waters, such as the Pearl Islands or Bocas del Toro where the TV show ‘Survivor’ was filmed.

Outdoor enthusiasts

Panama offers off-the-beaten-path destinations with 14 national parks and boundless mountains. Tourism includes thrilling mountain views, white-water rafting and more. Boquete is Panama’s premier mountain destination, located at the center is the magnificent Volcan Baru — overlooking an inactive volcano. While in Boquete, take a coffee farm tour from the world’s best coffee producers in the world. Try an extreme sport throughout the stunning country of Panama — rock climbing. Routes are offered for beginners to the most advanced climbers looking for a new venture.

#2 destination: Located in Southeast Asia by Thailand lies Phi Phi Islands — which include the most breath-taking beaches in the world. The islands offer the ultimate tropical getaway into paradise.

Rock formations

Phi Phi Islands include stunning rock formations among strange limestone configurations, which create mysterious caves and luminous waterfalls. The 1 million year-old limestone rock formations (islands) rise from the emerald-green sea. The islands have bizarre landscapes that are a true sight to behold. Wang Long is a site well-known for its underwater cave systems and is only recommended for experienced divers. The caves tunnel into the rock face in two places and open out into a larger cave.

Classic beaches

The vivid turquoise waters of the Phi Phi Islands have numerous colorful marine life that attract visitors to enjoy its lovely shores. Koh Phi Phi Leh beach has been made famous by the film ‘The Beach’ with Leonardo Di Caprio, and is considered one of the most naturally beautiful islands in the world. Loh Samah Bay beach is very popular offering some of the best snorkeling and leading scuba diving in the world. The water is flat and calm offering peaceful and natural waters that preserve an abundance of coral and marine life, including leopard sharks, turtles and moray eels.


Thailand offers animal shows, which include adrenaline pumping acts. The snake show involves snake handlers performing stunts with venomous snakes, and towards the end the handler even kisses a king cobra on its head. The crocodile show consists of people sticking their heads between large crocodile’s jaws. Visit Ko Phi Phi Don island, but be careful as the island is known for the aggressive monkeys. Check out the biggest transvestite cabaret show in Asia — Simon Cabaret. This costume extravagant show is held in a luxurious and intimate theatre, which is the ultimate experience. There is always something over-the-top going on throughout the islands — Fireshows are also popular. Beware the rules of the bars after checking out these extreme activities. There is a bar fine to cover the bars ‘loss’ when taking a girl out of the bar, you’ll need to negotiate the fine with the bar.

What are you waiting for? Check out these unique, beautiful destinations. Please comment below if you have visited either place.



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