Posted by: brittanyborseth | May 30, 2011

Memorial Day travel is not put on hold this year

This Memorial Day gas prices don’t stop travelers from missing out on their plans. 31 million Americans still drove to their destinations this weekend despite the high gas prices. Gas prices have increased nearly 41% this year, but don’t let this ruin your get-away! Tips to save on gas this year:

#1 Get a gas app or website address

Andriod and iPhone users can download gas apps to find the least expensive gas prices based on the zip code entered. For those of you that don’t have an Android or iPhone, there are websites such as to assist you in finding the best price.

#2 Slow it down

Drive the speed limit to avoid having to fill up as often. Driving the speed limit without fast breaking or acceleration saves the amount of fuel used. Staying out of traffic and using your cruise control saves on fuel to keep extra cash in the wallet this year.

#3 Keep up on the tune-ups

Make sure the proper oil is used on your vehicle. Using the manufacture’s recommended grade of motor oil, energy conserving or resource conserving improves fuel economy. Checking the tire pressure can also improve gas mileage. Extra weight in your vehicle can weigh it down causing more fuel to be used, so a clean vehicle without extra pounds saves you money.

#4 Watch for deals

If you book a hotel, make sure to check if the hotel offers a shuttle service to and from the hotel. Some hotels offer reward points that can discount airline tickets and car rentals on your next trip. Using an airline credit card earns points that sometimes offer hotel, car and flight discounts.

As long as you keep ahead of the economy increases in fuel, be smart and plan ahead you will save money and still enjoy the highly anticipated vacations you have planned. If you need summer vacation plan ideas, check out North Carolina. What does ABC News have to say?

If your summer vacation plans have been put on hold due to gas prices, comment below.


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